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From the bride or groom’s perspective, Aiburobhaat carries a bittersweet pang of nostalgia. It’s a final hurrah, a chance to savour the familiar comfort of loved ones before embarking on a new adventure. Memories flood back – shared laughter, inside jokes, the warmth of family. This last meal becomes a poignant snapshot, a bittersweet goodbye to a chapter filled with the love and support of those closest to them. For family and friends, Aiburobhaat is a chance to weave one last tapestry of memories. They become storytellers, reminiscing about childhood escapades and milestones crossed. It’s a time to hold on tight, to cherish the laughter lines etched around familiar faces, all the while knowing that change is on the horizon. Aiburobhaat becomes a poignant pause, a bittersweet celebration of the past that strengthens the bonds of love before the future unfolds.

As the bittersweet emotions of Aiburobhaat wash over you, allow Mohor Kutir to transform this poignant farewell into a celebration that lingers in your heart forever. We understand the depth of this tradition. Nestled amidst serenity, our beautifully appointed venue provides the perfect backdrop to weave together cherished memories. Our chefs craft a symphony of authentic flavours, honouring the rich heritage of this Bengali ritual. Let our dedicated staff curate an experience that transcends the ordinary. From personalised touches to flawless service, every detail will be meticulously cared for, ensuring your Aiburobhaat becomes a cherished memory, a bridge between the love that brought you here and the exciting future that awaits. At Mohor Kutir, we believe in celebrating life’s turning points in a way that reflects the depth of your emotions. Come, create a memory as timeless as your love story at the best resort in Santiniketan.

Our meticulously curated menu, bursting with the most authentic Bengali flavours, is just the beginning. We believe in immersing you in the true essence of this tradition. Do not shy away from requesting terracotta plate sets or elegant bronze dining sets. We understand these embody the warmth of these time-honoured traditions, adding another layer of authenticity to the experience, and our staff are only too glad to make the day even more special. Further, personalise your celebration with our venue decoration service.  Let our team create a breathtaking ambience that reflects your vision. While the serene surroundings and captivating murals reminiscent of intricate Alpona designs already set the stage, we’ll work with you to craft a truly unforgettable Aiburobhaat experience.

Don’t let this cherished tradition simply fade into memory. At Mohor Kutir, we believe that Aiburobhaat deserves to be a celebration as extraordinary as the love story that brought you here.  Allow us to curate an experience steeped in Bengali heritage, where every detail whispers of nostalgia and the promise of a future filled with love. Let us weave a tapestry of memories that will forever bind you to your loved ones. Celebrate your Aiburobhaat at Mohor Kutir – where tradition and feasts are always celebrated with grandeur.


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