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bosonto utsav

Holi’s vivid hues find a unique expression in Shantiniketan, where Rabindranath Tagore’s vision of Bosonto Utsav (Spring Festival) harmonises beautifully with the traditional festivity.  Amidst playful swirls of coloured powders, Bosonto Utsav imbues an additional layer of cultural depth. Witness Tagore’s spirit through open-air performances, poetry readings, and traditional dances.

In Shantiniketan, individuals from diverse backgrounds converge to immerse themselves in this jubilant revelry. True to their ethos, Bosonto Utsav represents a celebration of spring and colours, where people of all faiths and beliefs are warmly welcomed.

The festivities span two days, during which dressing in traditional attire plays a pivotal role. Yellow, or ‘Basanti’, and Red emerge as the predominant hues of this spring celebration. Women gracefully drape themselves in ‘Basanti’ Sarees, and adorn their heads with vibrant Red Palash flowers, while men don the quintessential Dhoti or Panjabi to get in the spirit. Should you forget to pack your traditional ensemble, fret not. The best resort in Shantiniketan houses the best in-house ethnic boutique as well. At Mohor Saaj, you’ll discover a comprehensive array of handcrafted treasures, from exquisite jewellery to authentic garments, all carefully curated under one roof.

Art, culture and nature combine to create a sensory milieu at Bosonto Utsav. The intoxicating joy, colourful faces, and rhythm of celebration are an imperative part of this celebration every year. Open-air performances of Rabindra Sangeet reverberate for miles, with the crowd singing and humming along with the performers. At another corner, the Bauls, or mystic minstrels strum on their ‘Ektaras’ or ‘Dotaras’, and take you down the folk lane of West Bengal’s culture. On this day, the place, especially the Viswa Bharati University turns into a kaleidoscope of colours, making it a treat both for the eyes and the soul. This charming exchange embodies the essence of Bosonto Utsav – a celebration that transcends mere revelry to become a profound artistic expression of welcoming spring’s renewal.

Bengali festivals can never be complete without a sumptuous feast. Locals joyfully prepare traditional dishes, sharing them amongst themselves to cap off a day of festivities. But you need not miss out on this cherished tradition. At Mohor Kutir, our in-house multicuisine restaurant, Panchmeshali, offers an array of traditional dishes to ensure all your meals end on the most delicious note.

To partake in this extravaganza, vacationers secure their bookings months in advance, with last-minute accommodations becoming a near impossibility. Thus, if you seek the finest hotel in Shantiniketan, act swiftly to secure your stay at Mohor Kutir.


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