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Plan Your Corporate Meeting at the Best Resort in Shantiniketan

It’s that time of the year again. With the beginning of the new Financial Year coming up, every company is busy planning its strategies for what’s next. With the goals in place, the next big thing everyone is busy planning is probably the year-end corporate meetings. While the purpose of these annual corporate meeting is to encourage the team to perform better in the year ahead, the employees usually end up dreading them. The typical long speeches in confining board rooms or auditoriums are not the best way to build team morale. Here’s how you can host a year-end corporate meeting that is not boring.

Host the meeting at a resort

Nowadays, more and more companies are hosting their Hotels at Santiniketan at resorts. By taking your team to a fun and relaxing environment, you can make the meeting more engaging, productive, and enjoyable for everyone involved. Look for a resort at vacation-worthy locations so your team can find a corporate meet as exciting as an office trip. Hotels at Santiniketan have long been a popular choice for hosting corporate meets and office picnics, thanks to the town’s rich cultural heritage and serene greenery. Mohor Kutir is one of the best resorts in Shantiniketan, with best-in-class amenities and accommodations for you and your team to enjoy Santiniketan at its best.

Plan fun activities

One of the benefits of hosting a meeting at a resort is the ability to plan fun activities for your team. Take advantage of the resort’s amenities and plan activities or team-building exercises. Or book a resort with swimming pool where your team can just chill and unwind after the meeting.

Provide delicious food and beverages

Find a hotel for meeting that has great food and beverages to make it more enjoyable for your team. Exciting menus and refreshing cocktails are always a crowd favourite, be it between meetings or at after-parties.

Use outdoor spaces

Moving your corporate meeting outside the board room is the way to go. Hosting your meeting outdoors on lush green lawns of the resort premises and being surrounded by nature can help your team feel energised and inspired, leading to more productive and effective meetings.

Offer free time

While it’s important to stay focused during the meeting, it’s also important to provide your team with some free time to relax and explore the locality. Build in some downtime into the schedule to allow them to recharge and take advantage of the resort’s amenities. Plan a guided tour of Santiniketan’s iconic tourist spots or let them explore the local markets. This can help attendees return to the meeting feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the next agenda item.

Mohor Kutir at Santiniketan is a resort that can check all these boxes with its verdant lawns, lavish outdoor swimming pool, world-class amenities, seamless service, and its in-house restaurant Panchemshali, which has some new excitingly delicious additions to its menu coming up.

So, what are you waiting for? Host your year-end corporate meeting at Mohor Kutir and boost your team’s morale for a truly productive and successful year ahead! 


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