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Authentic Bengali Food

Poila Baishakh arrives, and with it, the irresistible charm of tradition. Memories flood back – the warmth of family, the clatter of cutlery, and the intoxicating aroma of Bengali dishes wafting from the kitchen. We may debate the merits of fiery Indo-Chinese or fragrant biryanis, but there’s no denying the special place a classic Bengali meal holds in our hearts. This Poila Baishakh, rediscover the magic with a spread that sings with the true essence of Bengali cuisine.

Step into the heart of Bengal this Poila Baishakh; escape the city’s clamour and find peace amidst the vibrant tapestry of Santiniketan. Here, the fiery hues of Palash flowers bloom alongside Bengali art and culture, creating the perfect backdrop for a weekend escape.

Naturally, you’ll need a place to call home during your Poila Baishakh experience. Look no further than Mohor Kutir. This resort is imbued with the spirit of “Bangaliyana” (Bengali essence), offering an authentic experience that captures the heart of Bengali culture. Celebrate Poila Baishakh in true style – surrounded by tradition, warmth, and of course, the taste of authentic Bengali cuisine.

Mohor Kutir houses Panchmeshali, a multicuisine restaurant; here, it is definitely about the food, but equally about the experience. The moment you step inside, a rustic charm envelops you. Murals painted on the walls in soothing white and pastel blue evoke the Alpona designs that adorn traditional mud houses in Santiniketan. As you settle in, the unmistakable aroma of iconic Bengali dishes fills the air, and a symphony of spices awakens your taste buds and whets your appetite for a truly sumptuous feast.

As you settle in, a bowl of steaming rice alongside the comforting crunch of Muchmuche Aloo Bhaja and the gentle comfort of Sona Moong Dal beckons you to begin your Bengali meal, the classic way. Suddenly, a dilemma arises, the earthy goodness of Shukto or the rich, creamy Aloo Posto? Perhaps you’re a loyal devotee of Katla Kalia, or maybe the slow-cooked comfort of Khashi’r Jhol sings to your soul. In the spirit of Noboborsho, why not indulge in both? End your meal on a sweet note with the tangy delight of Tomato Chutney and the melt-in-your-mouth indulgence of Rajbhog. Panchmeshali takes you back to your grandmother’s kitchen and reminds you of the vivid folklore that came as a bonus with each meal. Here, the chefs use fresh, locally sourced ingredients that infuse each familiar dish with a burst of flavour. So, for authentic Bengali food that lingers on your taste buds even after the last bite, give Panchmeshali a try.

For an authentic taste of Bangaliyana, Mohor Kutir is the ultimate destination. Here, food is more than a meal—it’s an emotion, capturing the soul of Bengal with every bite. Join the celebration at Mohor Kutir, a top-tier hotel in Santiniketan, where every moment is a feast for the senses.


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