We salute Deshbandhu’ Chittaranjan Das, the freedom fighter

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Chittaranjan Das

A person who always stands for the truth. He is one of our patriotic pioneer and a splendid Bengali political mind who is known as a ‘Friend of the Nation’ Chittaranjan Das. He has an enormous contribution to the Indian political revolution.

He was born in Calcutta in his early education at the London Missionary Society’s Institution at Bhowanipore. In 1885, Das passed the entrance examination as a private candidate. He graduated from the Presidency College in 1890. Thus, Chittaranjan Das went to England to compete for the I.C.S. but he failed. In 1894, Das came back to India and enrolled himself as a Barrister of the Calcutta High Court. In his college life, he was a leading figure of the Student’s Association. He came in close contact with Bipin Chandra Pal and Aurobindo Ghose and helped them in publishing the BandeMataram, an English weekly for propagating the ideals of swaraj.

He idealized the life of the ancient Indian village and tried to create a golden age of Indian history. Das support the non-cooperation movement launched against British rules. In 1922 he became president of the Indian National Congress.

Das’s also proved his revealed in the field of literature. He founded and published a literary magazine, Narayan (1914), and composed several poetical works. His first collection of poetry, Malancha (1895), raised a storm of protest among Brahmos. As an atheist, and in 1897 the Brahmo leaders boycotted his marriage. His successive works, Mala (1904), Sagar Sangit (1913), and Kishore-Kishoree and Antaryami (both 1915). Das passed away in Darjeeling on June 16, 1925.

With so many feathers to his hat Chittaranjan Das will always be remembered for his achievements & deeds.


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