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What to eat on a Winter vacation morning? – A Foodie mulls…

What thoughts does the word ‘Winter’ trigger in you? –Misty vacation mornings with heavy, uncomfortable, woolen wear? The dry lips and cracked skin? The aggravated invasion of dust? The tremors from the chill?

Oh, of course, winter comes with all those negatives, there is no denying that. Yet, for those ardent foodies out there, let’s set a fact straight: as per Ayurveda, digestion becomes easier during winter!

And those who just derived another excuse to devour scrumptious delicacies on their idling days, what could be more delightful than starting the day with a magnificent breakfast? – Tag along and find easily accessible winter food items that’ll wake your tongue with their vibrant flavours and textures.

So, without further ado, let’s jump in for the hog-session!

What to eat on a Winter vacation morning? – A Foodie mulls…

What to break the fast with? – The Big-spread Breakfast

With a wide variety of breakfast options available all through India, we have summed up a few of the most popular yet generic ones that are guaranteed to allure your taste buds. And oh yes, you do have quite a few options!

Unlike in the West, most Indian bread forms are either deep or pan-fried and none of us can deny that with a spicy side dish, those easy, soft buns indeed taste fabulous. Make your winter mornings special with a plate of piping hot Puri-Bhaji, plain or heavily stuffed Aloo Paratha coupled with a spicy, tangy pickle.

Now, for those who want to steer clear of fried items at the start of the day, worry not! – Instead of sulking, get your own plate of crispy toast or a grilled sandwich. And then there exists many varieties of those! From veggies with/without cheese, egg, chicken, or omelette stuffed in between soft pieces of bread, let the first bite pave the way for more to fall right in.

What to eat on a Winter vacation morning? – A Foodie mulls…

Not the eggnog, but plain good old healthy sides

Well, to be honest, a wholesome breakfast has to have a set of delicious sides. And while you can’t really have a sultry eggnog right in the morning, you can have a delectable plate of boiled eggs with the softness as per your palate, or pair up your main course with soft, fluffy omelette or scrambled eggs!

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