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Where Love Finds Its Verse: Celebrate Your Valentine’s Week With Us

Escape city noise and find a new rhythm of romance amid nature at Mohor Kutir this Valentine’s with a planned relaxing holiday for your beloved.

A day falls too short to celebrate something as all-consuming as love. Instead, gift the love of your life a planned relaxing holiday at Mohor Kutir, far removed from the city’s hubbub, nestled in the serenity of Santiniketan, West Bengal, this Valentine’s week.

Mohor Kutir is an amalgamation of the best-in-class facilities with the quaint charm of lush greenery. With much to see and much to do, planning for romance becomes effortless with us. Let us walk you down the path of what your Valentine’s week will look like at Mohor Kutir.

Upon arrival at this resort in Santiniketan, you are greeted with fresh air and verdant vistas as far as the eye can see. The strings of your heart find the time to detangle amid the murmurs of nature. So, step outside your room to take a walk with your significant other, hand-in-hand, because pointless strolls will never go out of fashion. Here, the only witness to all your memories and shared secrets are the towering trees, which make for great companions of silence.

Ever pondered the sensation of taking a dip in the embrace of nature? For your planned relaxing holiday, take part in a one-of-a-kind experience. The swimming pool at Mohor Kutir is open to the art of nature at all corners. Let the weariness of your limbs melt away in the relaxing water as you both melt in each other’s arms.

If gift-giving is your love language, we have got you covered. Commemorate your special week with a memorable token for each other. Mohor Saaj and their traditional apparel tell stories of love, the love of a craftsman to his craft. Adorn in the rich heritage of Bengal and add a touch of ethnic charm to your romantic dates.

We, at Mohor Kutir, always strive to capture the soul of Santiniketan in everything we do for you. Hence, if you like revelling in the art and culture of Bengal, we have something in store to make your evenings magical. With soul-stirring Baul music and rhythmic Santhal dance performances, your dates can never get boring. Not only your bodies, but our goal is to rejuvenate your minds during this planned relaxing holiday.

End your romantic evenings on the right note. Picture a starlit sky in the quiet of the night, and a table shared with your beloved, illuminated by the warm glow of candles, kindling the love between you two. That is how it feels to dine at the in-house multi-cuisine restaurant Panchmeshali which serves equally appetizing dishes that are nothing short of a love affair. As if that were not enough, this restaurant in Santiniketan truly embodies the spirit of Santiniketan with its artistic interiors, making it a feast for your eyes and stomach.

However, if your Valentine this year is a furry friend, fret not. This hotel in Santiniketan is a pet-friendly haven that welcomes all paws with open arms. For a picture-perfect getaway, come to Mohor Kutir and let nature whisper to your soul.


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