“The moniker of Mohor Kutir’s very own restaurant is inspired by Bengal and her immense plethora of delights. Each gourmet affair is crafted with perfection so that you keep coming back for more. The restaurant and its experienced staff deliver a most personal, immersive and unmatched dining experience.  Set out on a culinary adventure only at Panchmeshali.”



Restaurant & Lounge

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Great times and Madhushala (Coming Soon) just seem to go together. Our well-stocked bar will present you with a fantastic, exhilarating time. Step inside and prepare to lose yourself in a heady mix of enjoyment and invigorating joy. Rejoice life only at Madhushala (Coming Soon)!

Additional Amenities

Mohor Kutir provides you with an array of modern amenities that redefine a ‘resort life’ and help you have the time of your life.

Swimming pool

Simply stretch and relax after a refreshing dip in our pool or bask in the glorious sun. Our poolside offers the perfect antidote for tired limbs after a hectic day of leisure.

In-House laundry Service

Our laundry department ensures that the linens in your room are clean and fresh all the time.

Spa (Upcoming)

Refresh and rejuvenate the body, mind and soul with the therapeutic sense of touch.

Library (Upcoming)

The well-stacked library is perfect for book lovers.