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A Peek into Mohor Kutir: One of the Best Among Luxury Hotels and Resorts in Santiniketan

Tucked deep in the town of Bolpur in West Bengal, Santiniketan provides travellers looking for a distinctive escape with a peaceful and culturally diverse place. Santiniketan is famed as the place where Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore established the Visva-Bharati University more than a century ago. The town earned its place in the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List this year. It is a popular travel destination for both local and foreign tourists because of its fascinating history, lively culture, and stunning scenery.

If you are looking for a great place to enjoy your stay during your visit to the beautiful town of Santiniketan, Mohor Kutir is the perfect choice. The resort is set amidst the peaceful surroundings of a rustic town and embodies the essence of rich heritage and nature. Mohor Kutir ranks within the top 3 among the top 10 best hotels and resorts in Santiniketan. Let’s examine it more closely, to discover what makes Mohor Kutir one of the top hotels for a vacation in Bolpur and adjacent areas.

A Modern Hotel with Countryside Charm

Mohor Kutir exudes a countryside charm while offering you a luxurious stay with all modern amenities. The soothing expanse of greenery, the calmness of nature, and a landscape dotted with trees is a sight for sore eyes. The resort boasts of an in-house restaurant, Panchmeshali, offering multi-cuisine fare, a swimming pool with a separate kid’s pool, a playroom for kids, and a traditional handicraft store Mohor Saaj. Mohor Kutir offers accommodation par excellence, covering everything from Economy Rooms to Premium Suites. The lush greenery surrounding the property creates a peaceful atmosphere that entices you to take long leisurely strolls.

The Multi-Cuisine Heaven, Panchmeshali

Craving home-cooked flavours with a gourmet touch? Panchmeshali, our in-house culinary gem, is often called the best restaurant in Santiniketan for a reason. It’s where you can experience flavours that taste like they are straight out of a local kitchen, yet plated with finesse. From authentic Bengali delicacies to Continental delights, the restaurant serves up a feast for the whole family, making it a top choice for dining in Santiniketan.


Mohor Kutir offers a plethora of family-friendly activities. You can partake in outdoor activities like cycling, bird watching, and nature excursions, or just unwind at the swimming pool. There are plenty of enjoyable activities and recreational options for the adventurous ones too.

Pet-Friendly Hotels and Resorts

For those who can’t imagine vacaying without their pets, Mohor Kutir is an abode of hospitality. As a pet-friendly resort, Mohor Kutir understands that pets are an integral part of the family and your vacation is incomplete without them. With expansive green spaces and pet-friendly policies, the hotel is an ideal destination for a vacation that includes your beloved pets, resulting in shared memories for the entire family.

Mohor Saaj

The local art scene of Mohor Saaj truly encapsulates the soul of Bengal. You cannot miss out on the traditional, handcrafted artisanal products at Mohor Saaj if you want to truly experience the cultural spirit of Bengal.

Experience the Delight

Mohor Kutir is one of the top hotels in Santiniketan for definite reasons. With their impeccable service, exquisite accommodation, and attention to detail, Mohor Kutir makes the stay an unforgettable one for their guests. The resort does not only provide a lavish retreat but also offers a holistic cultural experience, making every moment of the stay truly exceptional for travellers. So, pack your bags for comfort, for culture, and set forth on a much-needed getaway that feels like a warm embrace.


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