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Upasanaghar Shantiniketan

There are many mesmerizing tourist spots in Shantiniketan, that you can visit to enjoy your much-needed getaway!

  1. Upasanaghar:

Upasanaghar is one of the best places to visit in Shantiniketan. You will be flabbergasted by the beauty of its magnificent walls which are made of pure glass. The majestic prayer hall is among many other attractions of this place, which is beautifully adorned by luscious gardens. visitors are allowed to see the building only from the outside except for Wednesdays and the entry is completely free. The enamouring beauty of this place attracts people from all over the world, so the next time you are visiting Shantiniketan or booking your stay at MohorKutir Resorts make sure to visit this mesmerizing place.

  1. Tagore’s Ashram:

Experience the essence of the legend, that was Rabindranath Tagore at his Ashram. The serenading atmosphere of this place gives you an insight of Tagore’s mythos. Explore the decorated works of Rabindranath Tagore and his belongings that formed the bedrock of India’s cultural heritage. With an entry fee of just rupees 40, you can experience the insurmountable treasures left by the literary icon.

  1. Chhatimtala:

The perfect Santiniketan tourist spot that fills you with serenity and tranquillity. Sit down for a chat or delve deep within yourself, this place never fails to provide you with a pacifying feeling. Tagore himself was known to pay occasional visits to this place for meditation where the calming landscape and the harmonious chirping of the birds offer you an experience of a lifetime. So the next time you are at Santiniketan, make sure you visit this serenading place.

  1. Kankalitala:

If you want to indulge in a spiritual experience in Shantiniketan, then Kankalitala is the place for you. Kankalitala temple is one of the most peaceful places to visit in Shantiniketan, it is known for imbuing its visitors with a sense of belonging and numinosity. This religious place is considered to be one of the 51 shaktipithas in India, which makes it even more fascinating. So take a stroll down its hallowed grounds and get in touch with your spiritual side.

  1. Uttarayan Complex:

This place is a sacred ground for many artists and scholars, as this particular spot in Shantiniketan was the place where the great Rabindranath Tagore lived. The Uttarayan complex consisted of five houses namely Udichi, Udayana, Konarka, Shamali and Punascha. In 1863,  Devendranath Tagore had established the venerable hall where the Brahmo prayers were recited. This place is synonymous with the legacy of the Tagore family.

  1. Amar Kutir:

Amar Kutir is not just an integral part of Shantiniketan’s history but it also holds great importance to the history of India’s freedom struggle. Amar Kutir acted as a safehouse for all the independence movement activists who took refuge here during the British rule. It also stood witness to one of the most famous meetings in history, when Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi met SushenSen, after his release from prison in 1927. Today it’s one of the most culturally rich places in Shantiniketan. Here you will also come across handmade articles like Kantha stitched sarees, Batik work items, leather goods, and bamboo crafts. Visit Amar Kutir to experience the rich art and culture of Shantiniketan.

  1. Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary & Deer Park:

If you are a nemophilist then Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary is your place to be! This place is a safe haven for deers, birds, jackals, and foxes. Visit Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary and Deer Park to have a thrilling weekend and create wonderful memories that you can cherish your whole life.


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