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Pujo-o-Petpujo – A Festival of Flavours

Festivals serve us the joys of life seasoned with good times and great food. Durga Puja is no exception, with people very earnestly trying to decide which outfit to wear, which Pujo pandals to visit, and which delicious dishes to treat their taste buds to during the course of those five days of unbound lights and laughter.

Pujo-o-Petpujo – A Festival of Flavours

To make that decision-making challenge of Pujo’r Petpujo a little easier, Mohor Kutir presented some of the most delectable delicacies, handpicked from the menu curated for our in-house restaurant Panchmeshali, re-imagined as Devi Durga’s powerful weapons to help you tackle the demon of hunger. Thereby, the sweet yet savoury Golda Chingri’r Malaikari took the form of the Goddess’s trident, the irresistible Pabda’r Jhal bloomed as the Goddess’s lotus, the all-time-favourite Aloo Posto posed as the Goddess’s axe, the decadent Mutton Kosha became the Goddess’s club, and the ever-so-sweet Rasamalai was yielded to be the Goddess’s shield. Thus, armed with the five iconic Bengali flavours, one was ready to take on the cravings of indulging in something delicious during these five days of the festival.

Mohor Kutir’s Panchmeshali stands proudly as one of the best restaurants in Santiniketan serving delicious Bengali delicacies and other varied cuisines crafted to perfection and served with love by our in-house chefs and staff, all to bring to you a dining experience like no other at the heart of Tagore’s land.


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