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The summer winds softly whisper through the rustling leaves of Santiniketan. The season looks forward to creating memories as intricate and beautiful as the Bengal handloom tapestries that adorn the town. Nested amidst the vibrant nature, experience the coziness of summer and create a medley of unforgettable memories with your family.


As the summer vacation knocks on your door, imagine the cozy lazy mornings, the symphony of birds chirping, and the walls that pour out a fragrance of warmth. Let the bright sunlight stream in through your windows as you lie down in the comfort of Mohor Kutir, in anticipation of a day of laughter, adventure, and culture wrapped around the corners of Santiniketan. 

As you navigate the day, begin your journey with a family breakfast at Panchmeshali, the best restaurant in Santiniketan, and when the world wakes up, share stories with your family over a steaming cup of chai. Let the children chase the butterflies through the delicate gardens as you unwind your day with a stroll in the gardens of Mohor Kutir.

The afternoon siesta is a sacred tradition. Retreat to your cozy resort rooms where the cool interiors welcome you and your loved ones with relief from the summer sun.  Coddle in a storytelling session, sharing tales whispered across generations and weaving fantastical yarns together. Let the whispers of family stories mingle with the rhythmic chirping that paint the soundtrack of your summer.

When the golden hues of the dusk descend, gather around a crackling bonfire, under a canopy of twinkling stars, sharing a bond with your family like never before. In the company of flickering flames, sway to the rhythm of Baul music and let folk artists enthrall you with the timeless melodies of Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore. Let the stories under a cloak of star-studded skies weave your family in a soulful connection with the timeless beauty of Santiniketan. 

Summers in Santiniketan celebrate family and togetherness, and Mohor Kutir offers you more than just a place to stay. Our resort offers you a canvas for creating memories that will forever be etched in your hearts as amidst the embrace of greenery, dreams take flight, families reconnect and laughter echoes. 

So come, and weave your own story of family magic at Mohor Kutir, the best resort at your service. Book your preferred family package at our resort and secure your stay at Mohor Kutir. 


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