The Sati Pithas and Shakti Pithas of Birbhum

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The Sati Pithas and Shakti Pithas are significant shrines where Shakti, or the Divine Goddess, is worshipped. They are known to be centers of primordial energy. Six of them are in Birbhum and they attract many tourists from all over the world every year.


Gracing the banks of the Kopai River, Kankalitala in Birbhum attracts many pilgrims and tourists every year. The temple is dedicated to the Divine Goddess Sati, and the mythological legend makes the sacred kund inside the temple premises significant to the devotees.


Nalhati houses the Nalateshwari Temple. It is believed that this is where the Goddess’s ‘Nala’ or Her throat descended, and no matter how much water is poured down the throat, it never overflows.


The Nandipur Shakti Pitha in Sainthia is also known as the Nandikeshwari Temple. The Goddess resides in the sanctum of the temple all covered in sacred vermillion, with eyes of gold, and adorned in a silver crown.


One of the most renowned Shakti Pithas, Tarapith has been a spiritual hub that attracts many pilgrims and tourists alike, especially for the tantric practices that transpire in the holy cremation grounds by the temple. The Goddess is worshipped in the temple as Maa Tara, where She sits majestically, draped in a saree, and adorned in a silver crown and vermillion. Every year the temple is visited by believers from all over the world in order to seek the Goddess’s divine blessings in granting their wishes.

The holy cremation ground also serves as a major pilgrimage site, where people come to witness the tantriks performing rites and to pay homage to the shrine of Sadhak Bamakhyapa, making Tarapith the most visited Shakti Pithas in Birbhum.


Residing by the banks of the Bakreshwar River, Bakreshwar was named after Lord Shiva. The natural hot water springs situated next to the temple are held sacred as they are believed to possess healing energy. One of them is named Paphara, where the devotees visit to wash away their sins.

Fullara Attahas

Amidst the serenity of Dakshindihi village of Birbhum, resides the holy shrine of Attahas.Here, the Goddess dwells as Fullara along with Her consort, Vishvesh. It is believed that this is where the Goddess’s lower lip descended, and hence She is worshipped here in the form of a stone covered in vermillion which represents Her lip.

The temple also hosts a sacred terracotta inscription and stands as a site of pilgrimage for devotees from around the world.


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