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Mohor Kutir’s very own restaurant is inspired by the culture and tradition of Bengal and its plethora of toothsome delights. Each gourmet affair is crafted with perfection that takes you away on a gastronomical escapade filled with the lingering taste of your first bite.

Treat yourself with a delectable meal and feel the regal ambience of our premiere multi-cuisine restaurant, where our dexterous staff and in-house chefs strive to deliver a personal, immersive, and unmatched dining experience. 

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Come, relish the best of authentic Bengali cuisine and indulge in the rustic yet luxurious culinary affair that captures the magic of Santiniketan. 

Prepared with high hygiene standards and served with warmth, we at Panchmeshali restaurant in Mohor Kutir, one of the finest luxurious hotels in Santiniketan, believe that at the heart of good food is the love and sincerity that goes into perfecting the recipe as well as the service to deliver a completely divine dining experience

Mohor Kutir is an ideal getaway destination for family gatherings, dining, corporate events, and all your celebrations. Our restaurant ensures your service at the highest possible standard. So, next time you plan a visit to Santiniketan, don’t forget to set out on a culinary adventure at Mohor Kutir’s Panchmeshali.


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