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Santiniketan: A Haven of Serenity

From being a shelter for freedom fighters to a haven for literature, Santiniketan created its own legacy. Shantiniketan has marked itself as a paradise for art lovers, a perfect blend of history, culture, nature, and education makes Santiniketan a majestic misery.

Mohor Kutir, a renowned resort in Santiniketan encompasses the essence of the ultimate heritage and is nestled within the tranquil surroundings of this medieval town. Mohor Kutir, a resort in Santiniketan with its perfect blend of comfort, luxury, and antiquity, is a monument to the region’s rich cultural legacy. Discover the appeal of this outstanding destination with one of the finest hotels of Santiniketan and immerse yourself in its tranquillity and artistry.

Santiniketan: A Haven of Serenity

Experience the Timeless Charm

Discovering hotels at Santiniketan that meet your preference is not that difficult now. This hotel of Santiniketan is situated away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Mohor Kutir- the resort of Santiniketan provides a tranquil escape from a daily grind. Mohor Kutir- a Santiniketan hotel provides easy access to prominent attractions of Santiniketan. This resort of Santiniketan surrounds one of the historically significant buildings, “Amar Kutir,” which was built by freedom fighter Susen Mukherjee and served as a haven for independence movement activists before becoming a cooperative society for the advancement of arts and crafts. It is said that because this is the only location where his father Devendranath Tagore used to meditate, “Chhatimtala”—Tagore’s native land—resonates around Tagore alone.

Santiniketan: A Haven of Serenity

Not only does the history resonate here, but it also reflects the fusion of culture, art, architecture, and nature, all together at once. From tuning into the chores of Ektara with ‘Milan hobe kotto Diney’ to chasing the wildlife of Ballavpur Sanctuary, from cherishing the memories of Tagore in Rabindra Bhavan to experiencing the royalty of Surul Rajbari, from digging up the stories of Tagore’s Ashram to indulge in the artifacts of Sonajhuri Haat. Mohor Kutir- the finest resort of Santiniketan acts as a pass to explore all.

Santiniketan: A Haven of Serenity

As one of the finest resorts in Santiniketan, Mohor Kutir takes pride in its warm and impeccable hospitality and has thus been termed as one of the best hotels in Santiniketan. This Santiniketan resort is surrounded by lush greenery and idyllic landscapes. Overall, Mohor Kutir offers a rejuvenating experience of the ultimate heritage of Bengal. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Santiniketan, indulge in the serenity, embrace the heritage, and create unforgettable memories at Mohor Kutir- Your Gateway to the soul of Santiniketan.


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