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Unwinding in Nature's Lap | Ei Aashar'a Mohor Kutir'e

Unwinding in Natures' Lap | Ei Aashar e Mohor Kutir e

A vacation at Santiniketan remains incomplete if your resort in Santiniketan fails to deliver the desired vibe. Choosing a well-connected hotel/resort in Bolpur, Shantiniketan that’s convenient yet serene is not an easy task! And here we are, intending to help you ease this decision fatigue of yours.Take a break from the urban cacophony and gift yourself and your family a perfect pre-monsoon vacation, at a Shantiniketan resort that boasts a lush ambiance, a multi-cuisine restaurant, and last but not least, an alluring swimming pool – Mohor Kutir, the versatile Santiniketan hotel, brings out the needed energy and atmosphere that every visitor seeks. Starting from lazily strolling through the streets of Laal Maati to unwinding with the soulful Baul symphonies, Mohor Kutir- the luxurious Santiniketan resort succeeds in delivering it all.

Immerse in the Essence of Laal Maati:

A pre-monsoon morning at Santiniketan starts with a sip of hot coffee while exploring the lanes of Laal Maati in Bolpur, Shantiniketan quite the influence to make you sing out loud ‘Gramme Chhara oi Ranga Matir Poth’. Mohor Kutir- Santiniketan hotel paves your way towards this unmatchable experience.

Light to rejoice:

Experiencing a sunset by the Kopai with your loved ones is the most delightful moment one craves for! Mohor Kutir-Shantiniketan resort is situated close to the Kopai River in Bolpur, Shantiniketan, enabling visitors to view a perfect sunset.

Where music meets nostalgia:

The tunes of Baul become sweeter to the ear with the fragrance of petrichor all around, as the ongoing cold breeze of a relieving Kalboishakhi never fails to deliver the air of nostalgia. Switch your music controls to ‘Aaji Jhoro Jhoro Mukhoro Badolo Diney’ and indulge in tranquility like never before. Choosing Mohor Kutir over the present hotels at Santiniketan, lets you dip into the breeze of nostalgia.

A day with the little one:

A trip to nostalgia sounds better with your pet by your side. Mohor Kutir, a pet-friendly resort in Santiniketan provides a blissful environment for your furry friend, which makes us stand out from other hotels in Santiniketan.


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